What makes a man… A man?

While making cookies, I called up to my 15 year old son to ask if he could open the vanilla bottle for me. He shouted down, “who’s the man of the house?”

I sighed.

This has been an ongoing debate at our house for a few months. He keeps declaring he is the man of the house, I keep reminding him that adult and who is the child.

But right then and there, I really needed that bottle opened.

So I gave in.

“You are the man of the house,” I said in a monotone voice. I heard the triumphant feet coming down the stairs, and he looked at me and smirked as he opened the bottle.

Ah. 15. That magical age. I couldn’t judge him too harshly as he is trying to figure out what it is to be a man. So I asked him, what does it mean for you to be the man of the house? Well, I am the only male here so I am the man of the house.

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